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Sakura Fragrance Earrings

Sakura Fragrance Earrings

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These porcelain earrings are a fragrance accessory, with a non-enamel surface that allows you to put your favourite essential oils on top.

This is a collaboration with FleaWorker, a Spanish contemporary art accessories brand, that is well known for its unique handmade creations. Their porcelain products are heated under 1300°C which makes the products more durable.

Let's put our favourite synergy on our earrings and refreshing up our day. 

Made in Spain. 



Place a drop of essential oil on the back of the earrings.


Size : Diameter approx 18mm 
Materials : Made of non-enamel porcelain with stainless-steel pin.


Avoid using dark colour essential oils which might stain the product.

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