The benefits, value and maintenance of Agarwood

What are the benefits of wearing agarwood bracelets? 

Agarwood contains a unique, elegant and pleasant aroma. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) believes that agarwood has the soothing effect, and TCM even used agarwood as medicine. effect. Therefore, this agarwood jade bracelet is not only a jewelry, but it is also very beneficial to health.

Agarwood will subtlety changes by time, and the aroma sometimes elegant, sometimes enchanting which giving people a mysterious feeling. People believes each agarwood jewellery has their one and only master. And the fragrance will change with their master, and finally integrate as one.

Commercial potential of Agarwood 

Agarwood has an extremely unique fragrance, scientists still not able to synthesize this aroma artificially. Natural agarwood is extremely rare, so it has always been a very precious treasure. In ancient times, people liked to collect agarwood ornaments because they believed that agarwood could ward off evil spirits in the house. Nowadays, the largest economy consumption of agarwood is the agarwood jewelry bracelet. Due to the scarcity of raw materials and the upsurge of collection, the collection and investment value of agarwood has continued to rise in recent years.

Agarwood maintainance

Agarwood bracelets have the magical effect of exorcising evil spirits. Therefore, those who wear agarwood bracelets must maintain personal hygiene. When not wearing agarwood bracelets, they should not be placed around. It is best to use a special jewelry box to keep the bracelets.

Although agarwood is cultivated in water, but it is best to touch water less. The domestics chemicals that are often in contact daily, such as washing powder, shampoo, shower gel, etc., can damage the agarwood and making the aroma faded and losing its original efficacy. Therefore, the agarwood must be removed when shower, bathing and washing clothes.

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