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Amber Resin

Amber Resin

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Amber is a common ingredient in perfumes, valued for its musky and honey-like scent. Amber resin found in ancient times, both underwater and underground, can be refined into a strong pleasant aroma. It has a warm and exotic fragrance, it releases a warm, sweet, rich and earthy fragrance when heated. It gives entire room a subtle euphoric aroma. The soothing scent is said to promote healing and relaxation, making it highly suitable for meditation, visualisation and yoga.

Modern science now recognizes the amber resin is in a continuous metamorphosis, the existence of succinic acid, an active ingredient found in amber, provide the calming and relaxing effects. Amber has intense psychological effects used in altering brain waves, increasing sensual pleasure, heart energy and positive vibes. Amber Resin is also highly prized as a healing remedy against mental illness, fever, stomach problems, throat infections and rheumatism, and has been used since ancient times by the Greeks and Egyptians. It is truly a fantastic tree resins with astonishing results in treating anxiety and stress which keep people feel calmed and relaxed. 

Amber aromatherapy focuses on burning amber resin along with oil. The secret is to blend amber powder with sunflower oil, wood oil and other exotic oils. Sometimes pieces of amber can also be added in the blending. The other oils will enhance the amber in the oil itself. There is no such thing as amber essential oil, but rather an extract of various tree resins, found in both solid and semi-solid formula.  


    WEIGHT : Approximate 15g


    - Burn on hot coals or in an electric incense burner
    - Sprinkle a small amount on burning incense sticks
    - Can be mixed with other oil (e.g. oliver oil or sunflower oil) burnt it with a cotton strings
    - Insert into Buddha statues
    - Use in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic treatment according to the advice of a qualified therapist


    The smoke can be quite choking, make sure the ventilation is good and beware of the fire.

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